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Acxiom Mobilizes and Socializes SMBs

Mobile advertising spending doubled to $8.1 billion in North America last year, an increase fueled in part by the medium’s accessibility to small- and medium-sized businesses—think restaurants and dentists—running local campaigns. Data provider Acxiom has been on top of the trend, and this week introduces MyAcxiomPartner.com, a self-service site that enables SMBs to quickly and simply launch data-informed mobile and social campaigns.

“Data-driven marketing is spreading  throughout businesses of all shapes and sizes, no longer restricted to large enterprise corporations, and with good reason,” says Jeff Standridge, vice president and head of Acxiom’s small and medium business strategy. “Data enables marketers to target their audiences with unprecedented precision to provide consumers with only the most relevant offers.”

Businesses can use MyAcxiomPartner to order sales leads and mailing lists, clean and refresh their databases, and access detailed reports on customers. They will be able to create their own lead acquisition roadmaps and place orders via iPhones and iPads.

Costs vary on size of audience and usage. A single-use campaign for an audience of between 1,000 and 10,000 people would cost a few hundred dollars, Acxiom says. A multi-use license would cost more, but the company figures that around $300 would be the lowest base cost for a mobile campaign.

“MyAcxiomPartner was created with the goal of combining the power of Acxiom’s enterprise marketing engine with the ease and flexibility of a self-service portal,” Standridge says. “With the click of a button, businesses can target customers on mobile and social with the same precision they’ve been able to achieve for years with direct mail.”

The service has already begun driving sales for beta-tester Unique Two Limousine, according to its CEO Marcello Bustamante. “We can now build our own creative, launch ads, and build out direct mail, social, and mobile campaigns using fewer marketing dollars than are usually associated with a multichannel campaign,” he said in a press release announcing the service.

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