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Acxiom Forms Alliance With IBM to Deliver Enhanced CRM Solutions

Acxiom Corp., Little Rock, AR, a customer data integration vendor, announced an alliance with IBM yesterday that focuses on providing clients of both companies with end-to-end solutions for business intelligence, data management and customer relationship management.

The alliance combines Acxiom's CDI expertise with IBM's e-business and business intelligence solutions.

Under the agreement, IBM will incorporate Acxiom's AbiliTec CDI software within its CRM solutions provided to business customers in the United States and worldwide. IBM also will partner with Acxiom to increase overall sales of Acxiom's InfoBase Data Products. IBM will further complement its offering of targeted business intelligence solutions with data supplied by InfoBase and AbiliTec-compliant data products.

Acxiom's CDI software, AbiliTec, helps companies create a single comprehensive view of their customers across their enterprise. Acxiom's InfoBase is a comprehensive collection of U.S. consumer, business and telephone data in one source for database or file enhancement, analytical services or list rental.

Acxiom, on the other hand, will increase its offerings of IBM technology, e-server series and storage products together with Acxiom software. The prepackaged configurations will be made available to Acxiom customers with financing available to qualified customers through IBM Global Financing.

“As a result of today's partnership, companies around the globe will soon be able to overcome the enormous challenge of linking, in real time, customer information from multiple contact points like catalogs, Web pages and traditional stores,” said Charles D. Morgan, Acxiom company leader.

“By providing a unified view of the customer relationship, Acxiom's AbiliTec software closes the gap between the needs of the individual customer and the company's timely response.”

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