Acxiom Debuts Segmentation, Credit Tools

Acxiom Corp., Little Rock, AR, announced today the launch of Personicx ANSWERS, a Web-based tool for users of the company's household-level consumer segmentation solution Personicx.

Personicx ANSWERS gives users more immediate access to data for marketing planning and analysis. Personicx places each U.S. household into one of 70 segments, or clusters, and 21 life-stage groups based on behavior and demographic characteristics.

According to Acxiom, households' consumer behaviors are reflected in their shared life stage and similar socioeconomic characteristics.

The company yesterday introduced another business intelligence solution called Ranking Invitation to Apply Approvals for financial institutions. RITAA was designed to help credit card issuers locate prospects likely to respond to invitation-to-apply offers of credit and meet the card issuers' standards. The model used for RITAA was built on Acxiom's InfoBase data but not credit data.

The system was tested with seven financial institutions and two other firms for more than 20 individual campaigns. Based on the results, approval-to-response rates can be increased by 25 percent to 50 percent, according to Acxiom.

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