Acxiom Debuts InfoBase Consumer Data Products in UK

Acxiom Corp., a consumer marketing data vendor, has announced the launch of its first InfoBase consumer data product for the United Kingdom.

InfoBase Enhancement has been available as a data enhancement product in the United States since 1986. It contains demographic and lifestyle information on the majority of U.S. households and lets marketers overlay, or supplement, their existing customer data or prospect list with additional consumer information such as hobbies and interests, type of car driven or telephone number.

Now UK marketers also can use InfoBase Enhancement data to help segment, target and maximize marketing efficiencies. The UK version will contain demographic and lifestyle information on the majority of households and can be used in the same way as in the United States.

Acxiom, Little Rock, AR, said that in the United Kingdom the key difference between InfoBase and competing data products will be the technical infrastructure and variety of data sources involved.

Acxiom has other data products that are available in the United Kingdom or will be soon, including:

· InfoBase Consumer List, which covers 95 percent of UK consumers and offers targeting of large-volume selects, like travel interests and type of motor vehicle, for building prospect databases.

· InfoBase Analytics, which provides statistical modeling and research that helps companies identify the traits of their ideal customers.

· InfoBase Suppression, used to honor the wishes of consumers who ask not to be contacted with marketing offers while also suppressing unprofitable targets such as deceased and “goneaways” from marketing lists.

· Global Data Hygiene, which offers address cleaning and duplicate identification for more than 200 countries. Acxiom's suite of products sorts, standardizes and combines data from multiple countries and disparate sources to deliver a single, global view.

· Business to Business Data Services, a comprehensive file, currently available, that covers more than 2 million business names and addresses in the United Kingdom, including small-office/home offices, multiples, trading estates, company turnover and contact names.

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