Act-On will be almost everywhere

Recognizing the importance to marketers of mobility and agility in an ever-connected digital environment, marketing automation platform Act-On today announced the launch of Act-On Anywhere, a new product which will allow users to access data, assets, and functionality from their current browser environment.

Previously, the Act-On platform could be accessed via any browser, but required a dedicated tab. Clicking on the Act-On Anywhere icon, however, will deliver content creation and publication, SEO, CRM, and email campaign tools, to wherever–in browser terms–the user might be. 

Gal Josefsberg, VP of product management and marketing, told me: “The new application extends the use of Act-On–providing marketing automation functionality at the users’ disposal wherever they go online–without requiring them to login to the Act-On system directly. So rather than having to switch back and forth between multiple tabs, a user can now gain access to–for example: Act-On’s SEO tools while looking at a website, or Act-On’s marketing timeline while in my email app.”

At the launch stage, at least, the product will be available only within the Google Chrome browser. But according to Josefsberg, “There are plans to expand Act-On Anywhere to other browsers, and iPhone is one of those. We started with Chrome first as numbers show it is the most widely used browser today, but we are definitely looking to expand this to newer platforms.”

Act-On Anywhere will be generally available within 30 days, from Act-On or the Google Chrome Store.

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