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Acquire Web Releases AcquireVision

Acquire Web, an e-mail marketing solutions provider, released AcquireVision, a proprietary methodology for producing acquisition e-mail marketing campaigns.

The methodology was developed with user input to combine branding and direct marketing in e-mail technology.

“AcquireVision is unique in that unlike in other media channels, with e-mail you can track who is converting and who is not,” said Doug McCrea, senior vice president of marketing for Acquire Marketing Services. “We combine this scientific knowledge of direct marketing and apply it to a sophisticated database of our client’s customer model.”

The program offers a database of information about customers that includes 75 million American households. Users have access to 100 demographic sheets such as income, age, gender, adults and children, home ownership and length of residency.

AcquireVision users can then use this information to send out e-mails, beginning with permission e-mails and building up to personalized e-mails that target the specific demographic breakdown of the targeted customer. It is available through the company’s Acquire Marketing Services division, which can be accessed at www.acquirevision.com.

“There is no question that e-mail is going to grow,” said Acquire Web CEO Albert Gadbut. “The kind of sophistication of technology and e-mail marketing that we are offering will become a standard for all companies.”

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