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AccuData Offer Targets Agencies

Marketing data provider AccuData America began a direct mail campaign this month to generate agency leads for its strategic partnership program.

“Advertising agencies have to be able to service traditional clients looking to drive traffic to their Web sites,” said Lara Gold, vice president of marketing at AccuData America, Cape Coral, FL. “The strategy behind this mailing was to target full-service agencies and the larger direct response agencies.”

On the front of the mail piece, prospects were told, “If you don't know how to deliver the 'Onliners,' your clients will find an agency that does.”

Then recipients were offered a free handbook titled, “Connecting with the 'Onliners' — Data Selection Secrets that Work.”

AccuData's Strategic Alliance Group, which works with a number of larger full-service agencies, decided that the book would be a good way to generate qualified leads for the division.

The mail piece claims that television, radio and banner advertisements do not work and that direct marketing is an effective way to drive Web site traffic.

AccuData employees from several internal divisions collaborated to write the book based on experience with AccuData's own Web site as well as with clients.

“We've been successfully driving traffic to our own Web site for about five years now, and we use traditional direct mail to do it,” Gold said.

The book was written in a question-and-answer format and features case studies. It addresses topics related to targeting online consumers, such as data sources, demographics, selects, analysis, response and privacy.

The 25,000-piece mailing was sent to prospects from compiled, response and inhouse lead lists.

After less than two weeks in the mail, the offer had generated a 0.5 percent response, according to Gold.

She expects a 2 percent response overall.

Visit www.accudata.com/bookrequest to order free copies of the book.

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