AccuData Launches Internet-Based List Service

Mailing and telemarketing list provider AccuData America, Cape Coral, FL, launched an Internet-based service Monday that lets marketers enter demographic criteria for a campaign and download consumer, business and occupant/resident lists directly from its site.

“We looked at the various online count and order systems out there and saw that most of them are focused on getting the smaller, end-user customers. Their pricing models and their system flexibility is inadequate for the frequent user. We needed to provide a more complete and flexible system that would allow our customers the power to get the pricing and the functionality they need,” said Mary Jo Yafchak, president of AccuData.

The service,, houses four national databases, according to the company: Dun & Bradstreet’s 13 million businesses; Polk Consumer’s 107 million households; Advo’s 117 million residents addresses; and Getko’s 400,000 new homeowners.

The site is based on two interfaces, one that is graphic-intensive for those new to ordering data or mailing lists, and one that is faster for seasoned data users and offers users toll-free customer support.

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