Accudata adds SmartFocus to toolset

Accudata Integrated Marketing has tapped SmartFocus to add analytic, campaigning and reporting tools to its offering.

The direct marketing company, which helps clients with prospecting,
new customer acquisition, data management and analytics, will be using SmartFocus’ SmartMarketer software suite to add to its existing services. The partnership is expected to make Accudata’s existing offerings more efficient and add some new capabilities to the marketer’s mix, said Curt Bloom, managing director, international, SmartFocus.

“This helps move Accudata forward by, one, making them more
productive in the services they were already providing, and, two, they can now
offer new kinds of services,” Bloom said. “In this economy, all marketers are
looking for new ways to enhance value to their customers, and now Accudata can further optimize its
marketing resources for more effective targeting and segmenting for better

“We chose SmartFocus because it has an intuitive interface that puts the power to create and execute marketing onto the marketer’s desktop,” Ted Zollinger, VP and client relationship manager for Accudata, added in a statement.

The SmartFocus software combines campaign selection and reporting into a single tool and standardizes the look and feel of front- and back-end tools for more intuitive use.

The partnership with Accudata is part of SmartFocus’ latest
growth push into the US.
Bloom noted that Accudata’s strength as
one of the largest providers of multi-sourced marketing data and data analysis
SmartFocus’ client focus – which mainly lays with mid-market, traditional data
services companies.

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