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Account-Based Marketing Automation Comes to Eloqua

Demandbase today introduced a new solution for the Oracle Marketing AppCloud that melds account-based marketing with marketing automation. The product essentially takes Demandbase’s Forms product to a higher level by empowering Oracle Eloqua users to take top prospects and build out campaigns to other key decision-makers within their companies.

“This is an exciting addition for us,” says John Stetic, group VP, products for Oracle Marketing Cloud (above). “We have one of the most open platforms for enterprise marketing, and the product that Demandbase has put together will redefine how our users think about nurtures and expand how they think about scoring.”

Demandbase Account-Based Marketing Automation—the mouthful of a name for the solution—takes contacts from a first-party database and builds them out to corresponding contacts within a company using Demandbase’s firmographic and behavioral data. This enables B2B marketers to launch account-based marketing campaigns straight from Oracle Eloqua, targeting entire buying committees at key accounts. Account scoring joins lead scoring as a sales tool.

“More and more B2B marketers are moving toward an account-based approach, but marketing automation solutions are architected around individuals. Account-level campaigns are a challenge,” says Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson. “So this is huge for us because the Oracle Marketing Cloud has become such a dominant force within B2B marketing.”

Isaacson says the solution makes account-based nurturing a more viable concept. Eloqua users can leverage account scores to trigger campaigns and workflow at the account level, as well as at the individual contact level. Demandbase literature claims that the product should also increase conversions by eliminating the need for online form fields to place a person within an organization. Demandbase appends its data store by monitoring some 3 billion website visits on a monthly basis.

Craig Rosenberg, cofounder and chief analyst for TOPO, a sales consulting firm, senses good timing for the Demandbase solution. “Over the past year we’ve seen B2B marketers move in droves to account-based approaches,” he says. “The combination of account-based marketing and marketing automation is a big step forward.”

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