Accountability Fuels Boutique Boom

Let’s say you have a million-dollar ad budget burning a hole in your pocket.

You have a choice:

  • Go to a large ad agency and spend it on a campaign that is entertaining but offers no way to quantify results.
  • Go to a response-oriented boutique ad agency and spend your money on a brand-building campaign that also offers accountability and instant quantification of how your ad dollars are turning into revenue.

OK, you’re saying, this is not much of a choice. That’s why you’re seeing a trend in smaller, boutique ad agencies that offer clients creativity plus accountability. Merely triggering a response falls short in a world in which consumers increasingly click to buy. The goal no longer is direct response, it’s direct action – not just intent to purchase, but an actual purchase.

Accountability is the watchword now as mainstream marketers seek a positive return on investment for their advertising.

In the former world of advertising, large agencies usually were brand-centric. They didn’t want their creativity constrained by accountability.

Enter the boutique ad agencies primed to provide clients with talent and experience in a leaner, results-oriented agency model. Smaller has become better as the boutiques spearhead an industry shift by committing to improving a brand’s retail performance.

That’s why you hear the buzz about ROI-positive advertising, where brand meets results. Amid increasingly fragmented delivery channels, it’s never been more crucial to be able to measure success, dollar for dollar.

And it’s usually the smaller, boutique agencies whose staff can do just that. Why? An owner or senior partner will oversee your account with a vested interest in your success. At the bigger agencies you get talent, but rarely is your business served by someone whose own bottom line is affected by the success of your ad campaign.

Everything is on the line. Your success is their success. They can’t afford a misstep with your advertising. And they can’t afford to be unable to prove it’s driving positive ROI. So what is ROI-positive advertising?

  • It’s a high-concept creative ad with an immediate call to action.
  • It drives consumers to call or log on and, most importantly, to purchase.
  • Results are trackable and quantifiable, dollar for dollar.
  • ROI-positive campaigns result in a positive return on every ad dollar spent.
  • Brand awareness is built through the frequency afforded by increased media budgets that are rapidly scalable due to positive ROI on every media dollar spent.

It’s no longer “Show me the money” in advertising. Make sure your agency can tell you where it’s coming from, too.

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