Accent Color Sciences' System Hits the Spot

TrueColor Systems printing technology from Accent Color Sciences, New York, turns generic mail pieces into customized ones using highlight or spot color. The technology can be added to the printing line of a black-on-white system to make documents more noticeable in high-volume applications.

On a billing statement, for example, the company logo could be printed in one color, the amount due and due date in a second color and past-due warning or cross-selling message in a third color. Using Accent's Model HC2 postprocessor for the IBM InfoPrint line, up to three colors can be chosen from a palette of 12.

According to a Loyola University study, consumer comprehension of information was more accurate by up to 77 percent and faster by up to 29 percent when highlighted in color. In addition, a printing company's use of color to highlight balance remaining resulted in full payments doubling after one mailing, and a utility increased response by 13 percent by highlighting key information in blue.

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