AC Business Media Acquires DMN

AC Business Media, a Wisconsin-based media and business intelligence company yesterday announced the acquisition of DMN from Haymarket Media, Inc.

“We are delighted to be adding to our portfolio, DMN, a well-known and respected brand that has been a go-to resource for marketing professionals for decades,” said Carl Wistreich, CEO of AC Business Media in a statement. “The marketing industry has experienced dramatic changes in recent times and DMN has been at the forefront in covering these changes with cutting edge analysis, as well as providing marketing professionals with insight as to what it takes to create a successful marketing campaign and department.”

A note from the editor:

We like to cover the news, but today we are the news.  These are exciting times for us. Thanks for being with us on the journey so far, and please continue to follow us for the best coverage of marketing technology trends, digital and data-driven marketing, and all the other topics you’ve been used to finding among our articles, podcasts, webcasts, and eBooks. — Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief

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