ABR 2009: Unit 7

“We have been on a path away from the distinction between channels. There’s a respect for the need to have different channels, such as direct, digital and database, but we want to look at how they come together to deliver on the promise of facilitating consistent, trustworthy experiences for consumers on their terms and in their forums. Putting the consumer in the center, how does a brand need to show up to be able to address the needs of the consumer.”
— Loreen Babcock, chairman and CEO

A leader in relationship marketing, Unit 7 recently introduced the Trust Relationship Marketing platform to address the breakdown in trust between consumers and brands. Already, 85% of new revenue is tracking to the platform and Unit 7 is attracting clients outside of its core technology, financial and pharmaceutical businesses. Reliant Energy’s relationship marketing business is a recent notable win.

Year founded: 1996

Holding company: Omnicom

Headquarters: New York

Number of offices: One

Web site: www.unit7.com

Major disciplines: CRM, direct, analytics, digital, branding

Key accounts: Pfizer (Lyrica, Lipitor), Bristol-Myers Squibb and Astra Zeneca (Plavix), Raritan, MasterCard

Current agency challenges: Trying to be innovative with clients that have bigger-than-ever challenges; helping clients build and maintain trust with customers when trust levels are at an all-time low; maintaining a brand’s stature at a time when they have to make cuts in marketing and other spending

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