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ABR 2009: Sapient Interactive

“The reality is that direct marketing has evolved as companies are no longer limited by static content. The lines between branding and acquisition marketing are blurring. Advanced technology allows companies to accurately leverage transactional and emotional metrics so they can tailor their campaigns to issues that matter most to their brand and their sales.”
— Joey Wilson, VP marketing strategy

Sapient Interactive, formed in 2006, is a division of Boston-based Sapient, which operates two primary groups, Sapient Interactive and Sapient Consulting. Sapient Interactive integrates strategy, creative, advertising, media services, analytics and technology services under one roof and prides itself on working in emerging channels such as social media, mobile devices such as the iPhone, digital in-store displays, self-service kiosks, as well as traditional media.

Year merged: 2006

Headquarters: Boston

How many offices: 24

Web site: www.sapient.com 

Major disciplines: Brand communication planning; audience segmentation; behavioral research; broadcast, print and direct response advertising; search engine planning, buying and optimization; social media development; e-mail marketing; emerging media; content and asset management; e-commerce solutions

Key accounts: Burger King, Coca-Cola Co., Scripps Network Digital, KeyBank, MetLife and Sprint  

Agency challenges: “The biggest challenge we see moving forward is getting marketers reinvigorated and willing to take chances when the economy gets back on track,” says Wilson.

Biggest 2009 industry trends: “Sapient sees a big trend in regard to performance based media deals,” adds Wilson. “Essentially more money will flow into search and networks as well as dynamic CPM deals. This shift will be sparked by direct marketers who will be looking to control costs without having to sacrifice quality.”

Top executives: Ronald Shamah, VP, media; Gaston Legorburu, SVP, chief creative officer; Joey Wilson, VP, business development; Frank Schettino, VP, people success

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