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ABR 2009: Rosetta

“Our philosophy [when it comes to direct] is that marketers win by developing a deeper understanding than their competitors of their brand’s most valuable customers and prospects.  We help marketers who share this philosophy develop this deeper understanding and translate those insights into making their brand more personally relevant through direct marketing programs that are constantly measured and optimized for maximum business impact.”
— Chris Kuenne, chairman and CEO

Rosetta was already a force in direct marketing thanks in large part to its proprietary personality segmentation platform. Since acquiring Brulant last year, the agency added strong transactional capabilities to the mix. Today, Rosetta is one of the largest independent interactive agencies with strong legs in healthcare, consumer products and retail as well as financial services.

Year founded: Brulant, 1989; Rosetta, 1998. The two merged in 2008

Headquarters: Hamilton, NJ

Number of offices: 5

Web site: www.rosetta.com

Major disciplines/capabilities: Insight and strategy; creative and customer experience; transactional capabilities, including e-marketing, search and e-mail

Key accounts: Scholastic, Borders, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb, HSBC, Nationwide

Biggest agency challenges: “To ensure that we manage the mix and level of our growth, which has historically been above 30%, while continuing to strengthen and scale the creative and RM services elements of our business system,” Kuenne explains.

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