ABR 2009: R/GA

“Direct is not a siloed channel — it is integrated into our overall services and for any different client. We could be doing a mix of things. Everything that we’ve built is based on a model of interdisciplinary needs.”
— Barry Wacksman, EVP/chief growth officer

Founded in 1977 by two brothers, Robert and Richard Greenberg, as a visual effects company for the feature film business, this interactive agency has had its finger on the pulse since its inception. From George Lucas’ special effects contemporaries to a commercial production house in the 80s, to the interactive agency it became in the 90s, R/GA has been led by innovation and technology. Today, R/GA is all about approaching the digital age for brands. The agency is known for taking advantage of technology and building brands around interactive experiences and integrated campaigns.

Year founded: 1977

Holding company: Interpublic

Headquarters: New York

Offices: Three

Web site: www.rga.com

Major disciplines/capabilities: Customer application development, relationship marketing, e-commerce, integrated campaigns, mobile, emerging platforms (social networks, game systems), brand design, retail technology, digital advertising

Key accounts: Nike, Nokia, Verizon, SC Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, Barnes and Noble, HP, HBO, Loreal, Chanel, Pepsi

Current agency challenges: “Economy, economy, economy,” says Wacksman. “Everyone is focused on how to survive and how to make their budgets and help their clients budgets get through.”

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