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ABR 2009: iCrossing

“Our approach is to build a connected brand that engages users across every online channel. What makes us different in that regard is our DNA in search, which is a common pathway for the digital experience.”
— Don Scales, president and CEO

Founded more than a decade ago, iCrossing has its roots in natural search but has since expanded to be a robust digital agency incorporating everything from paid search and social media to mobile and analytics. The agency has a search-centric focus and believes search is the common thread that binds all marketing media together.

Year founded: 1998

Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ

Number of offices: 12

Web site: www.icrossing.com

Major disciplines/capabilities: Paid search, search engine optimization, Web development, social media, mobile, display and rich media advertising, research and analytics.

Key accounts: Adobe, Epson America, LEGO, Mastercard, Toyota, Travelocity, The Coca-Cola Company, Office Depot.

Current agency challenges: The down economy will be one of the biggest challenges for iCrossing and many other agencies this year, the agency says. But it sees business opportunities in the digital realm still doing well. Clients also are demanding more exacting accountability.

Biggest 2009 industry trends: iCrossing expects to see more traditional advertising dollars make the shift to digital channels because of its ability to reach customers and have measureable ROI. The agency also sees more digital agencies taking the lead role in Fortune 500 marketing efforts.

Top executives: Don Scales, president & CEO; Michael J. Jackson, EVP, CFO and treasurer; Dave Johnson, COO; Brian Powley, chief client officer; Adam Lavelle, chief strategy officer; Brad Harrington, chief innovation officer; Maggie Luciano Williams, chief people officer; Peter Randazzo, chief technology officer; Tari Haro, CMO; Richard Rosenblatt, board chairman

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