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ABR 2009: Accent Marketing Services

“What has changed the most is the relevance and importance of data analytics both to our business and our clients’ customer lifecycle management programs. We believe every interaction we have with a customer is an opportunity to capture information to inform product and marketing decisions, deepen and extend the relationship and garner more meaningful customer insight.”
Kevin Foley, president/CEO 

With 15 years in the marketing services business, Accent Marketing Services is known for helping its clients acquire and retain customers. Though its focus hasn’t changed much since it began in 1993, the company has grown from a small shop to a company supporting 3,000 employees in 13 different locations globally. With clients in telecommunications, manufacturing, consumer products, insurance, automotive, and healthcare, Accent Marketing continues to focus on helping customers grow and maintain its customer base through various direct marketing channels. Its services include customer care, data modeling, direct marketing and fulfillment strategizing. 

Year founded:

Headquarters: Jeffersonville, IN

Web site: www.accentonline.com

Holding company: MDC Partners, Inc.

Number of offices: 13

Major disciplines/capabilities: Direct, digital, search, e-mail, mobile

Biggest challenges: “As the economy impacts our clients, we are impacted both positively and negatively,” says Foley. “We are a financially strong and fast-growing company with a clear vision and a bright future. We have a solid pipeline of business opportunities and are continuing to grow.”

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