ABCi, WebSideStory Form Technology Alliance

ABC Interactive and WebSideStory said today that the two companies have formed a technology alliance to create what they claim is the first browser-based system for delivering Web site audits.

ABCi will use WebSideStory’s real-time HitBox Enterprise technology — that provides visitor analysis service for high volume Web sites — to deliver third-party audits. Officials for both companies say the partnership creates a less invasive, faster, turnkey method of getting Web traffic figures without the installation of any additional software.

ABCi will verify the data collected through HitBox Enterprise technology. Instead of monitoring activities at the server level, ABCi will monitor activity at the browser level.

“Usually when an audit is engaged it places certain demands on the client or the person undergoing the audit,” said Scott Hanson, vice president Interactive/IT auditing ABC Interactive. “The Web site has to install software that provide us with their traffic report, a measurement of their activity and log file data. What we’re able to do is to remove those obligations from and work directly with WebSideStory to facilitate everything we need for an audit.”

Michael Christian, senior vice president of WebSideStory, said as Web publishers come under pressure from advertisers for accurate numbers, “they will be convinced to get audits to add value to what they are offering their advertisers. Advertisers are going to want certainty to the numbers they are being provided,” he said.

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