ABC to introduce newspaper circulation tool

The Audit Bureau of Circulations will launch a tool May 3 that will allow marketers, agencies and publishers to search daily newspaper circulation figures and create custom evaluations from the company’s eFAS-FAX report.

“The tool is designed to add a bit more granularity to the current versions of FAS-FAX for the newspaper industry,” said Mark Wachowicz, SVP of marketing and sales at ABC. “[We will break out] paid and verified for print circulation, paid and verified for digital replica, and paid and verified for digital non-replica.”

ABC defines “paid circulation” as copies purchased by individuals or businesses, and “verified circulation” as copies distributed to third parties, such as schools or newspaper employees.

The platform will also allow customers to analyze digital non-replica data, including information from applications and social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter.

Wachowicz said this inclusion will help publishers communicate to advertisers “the extensive reach of their brands in their particular markets.”

The eFAS-FAX Analyzer will help advertisers, agencies and publishers “to take a look at their various properties across the US and market segments to see what’s happening with these new categories of circulation reporting, [such as] where they’re growing, where they’re changing,” said Wachowicz.

He added that the semi-annual eFAS-FAX report only contains about 85% of newspaper publisher statement data.

“We never get 100% because we’d have to wait for so many different stragglers,” said Wachowicz. However, the eFAS-Fax Analyzer will work in real time and be able to capture data that misses the report’s deadline, he said.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified the frequency of the eFAS-FAX report. It is semi-annual.

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