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ABC releases first Canadian subscriber profile report

The Audit Bureau of Circulations has released its first Canadian Subscriber Profile Report for The Beaver: Canada’s History Magazine.

The Beaver applied for ABC membership last year and recently released its Initial Audit Report, making its membership with ABC official.

Canada’s National History Society in Winnipeg, Manitoba, publishes the title six times a year.

Subscriber Profile is ABC’s subscriber verification service. ABC works with industry research firms to verify results.

Following the research study, ABC releases a standardized report that allows for easy comparison of direct mail subscriber studies conducted by different survey research organizations for a variety of individual magazines.

Profile reports are made available to the public via ABC’s free data service.

The Canadian version of Subscriber Profile is modeled on the U.S. version, but has been modified by ABC and Canada’s PMB to meet Canadian standards.

The Profile is available to all Canadian magazines that cannot be measured by the PMB for technical reasons and quality for an ABC audit.

ABC has more than 4,000 members in North America and can be found at www.accessabc.com.

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