ABC President rallies for accountability in print

LAS VEGAS-The annual Audit Bureau of Circulation’s report was given Nov. 10 president and managing director Michael Lavery at the organization’s annual conference at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

The meeting focused on what ABC has accomplished thus far in 2006 and what it hopes to succeed with in the upcoming year.

“When all is said and done, ABC represents accountability,” Mr. Lavery said. “The media industry is in the midst of a significant ground shifting change.”

Mr. Lavery said that it is key for ABC to continue to ensue dialogue, encourage debate and demand for a timely access of media information.

“There is an ongoing need for a third party like ABC,” he said. “We provide the needed verification in a growing online market.”

This year ABC introduced a new consumer magazine publisher’s statement and category of magazine circulation called verified circulation, which focuses on the audience.

Thus far, 35 percent of ABC members have used the new category in their advertising strategy.

ABC also launched Rapid Report, which posts top line circulation data so advertisers can view publications on an issue-by-issue basis. Another new addition was that ABC now verifies freestanding inserts in newspapers for advertisers and publishers.

“So far more than 50 percent of ABC metro papers have enrolled in the service,” Mr. Lavery said.

There is also a growing demand for auditing on interactive advertising, which ABC plans to tackle next year.

“ABC is ideally positioned to meet those needs with circulation reports,” Mr. Lavery said. “It is transparency and accountability that are critical to the media buying and selling relationship.”

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