A sick place to live

Germville: A sick place to live

Agency: The Factory Interactive

Client: Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System

Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System wanted to reach businesses that hire commerical cleaning services with a message beyond looking clean. So they launched an integrated campaign that brought germs to life through characters such as Missy Coli, Sal and Ann Monella and Mike Robe. Germville, a frightfully germ-filled “neighborhood” that is a “sick place to live” – thanks to its population’s poor cleaning habits – resided on a video-enabled rich media Web site. A multi-touch direct mail campaign combined four postcards and a three-piece dimensional mailer calling on recipients to visit Germville.com. The site includes an opt-in assessment tool which helps Coverall generate leads, while the Web site was embedded with a back-end system that tracks user behavior and helps identify areas of the project that can be adjusted as the campaign is developed. The lead generation is also integrated with Coverall’s CRM technology, which makes for plenty of opportunities for a clean follow-up.

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