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A Recipe for Sustainable Lead Generation

Online lead generation can be a tricky business. The industry is booming and offers many new and exciting opportunities. But, it’s also unpredictable and competition can be fierce. Things seem to go smoothly, you hit your lead goal, you think you finally figured out how successful lead generation is done, and bam! – the next month your lead rates drop and you’re twice as far from hitting your target, leaving you scratching your head wondering what happened.

Many marketers are faced with this problem and are desperately trying to find the winning formula for sustainable lead generation in a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment. New developments often distract from long-term strategies and tempt marketers to focus on the quick buck instead. But this thinking is flawed. By only focusing on short-term goals, you will put yourself into a position that will enable you to react, not to act.

So, what is the recipe for successful, sustainable lead generation?

A serving of diversity

Don’t focus on one lead generation method alone that seems to work for you right now. It’s important to focus on improving and diversifying strategies. Keep a lookout on how to improve, how to diversify, and how to attract new partners and customers, and do this by taking a steady step-by-step approach.

One cup of quality

In an industry where there are so many different players, it’s tempting to equate lead quantity with success. Many marketers think the more sources, traffic, affiliates and publishers they have, the more leads and revenue they generate. This is shortsighted and will not end well. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Don’t give into this vicious cycle of more, more, more; instead, keep your customers in mind.

One cup of technology

There is significant value in investing in lead-verification technologies. By verifying and scoring your leads in real time, bad data and leads are filtered out, which will result in higher lead quality.  Consequently, high-quality leads are more valuable and are likely to have a positive impact on your lead pricing. Technology is a determining factor in obtaining a sustainable lead gen model.

A tablespoon of trusted web brands

To generate high quality leads, should invest in and create trusted web brands. Build your Web brands on a premium domain name (preferably one that include a top keyword related to your product) to help attract new partners, both publishers and advertisers, and to building long-term relationships with users. Additionally, include interesting, unique content. This will attract more users and help you to nurture and generate high-quality leads. To make lead generation sustainable, content should be the number one priority.

A teaspoon of knowledge

Know the verticals you’re active in, how they work, and what customers are looking for. And don’t forget that lead buyers are your customers. You should understand how exactly your product can benefit them in their specific industry. Staying abreast of developments and trends in individual verticals will help you to devise better strategies for user acquisition and prompt responses to industry trends—and your buyers will appreciate you all the more for it.

A pinch of common sense

And, at the risk of stating the obvious, don’t spend more on your leads than they’re worth to you.

Frans Van Hulle is CEO of ReviMedia.

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