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A Real-Time Digital Connection to Retail?

Consumer packaged goods marketers who complain that their digital media spends fade into a vast point-of-sale void no longer have an excuse, according to Retail Solutions Inc. The company, which provides POS insights to the likes of Procter & Gamble and Nestlé, this week introduces ansa, a real-time reaction system that is designed to work such magic as triggering mobile media messages only after the product being promoted has been scanned into a store’s backroom.

Ansa, a Latin word loosely translated as “connecting the end of a loop” monitors daily transactional activity at more than 150,000 stores spread across some 120 retail chains. Other ways such real-time data can get more out of CPG digital media spends, according to RSi, is by targeting stores in locales with the highest proven purchase potential, providing metrics to keep tabs on individual store performance, adjusting metrics against campaign goals in real time.

“We’re finally connecting ROI to digital advertising in a concrete way,” says RSi CEO Jon Golovin.

CPG marketers interested in test-driving this new service need to do so via partner marketing services companies including MaxPoint, Media Math, News America, and Retailigence.

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