A Personal Note from DRTV Weekly Contributing Editor Sarah Littman

In November 2004, Amie Littman, who had just turned 8, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. Overnight, her life changed. She has to test her blood sugar, which involves pricking her finger with a lancet, at least four times a day, oftentimes more. Every three days she has an additional needle when we have to change the site for her insulin pump. Some days she feels like a human pincushion, but unlike school and homework, diabetes is not something from which she gets a vacation.

Amie will be insulin dependent the rest of her life. Insulin is not a cure, but it is Amie’s life support. It allows her to be a normal, active girl, who loves tennis and swimming. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is working very hard to find a cure and more than 80 percent of funds collected will go directly to diabetes research and finding a cure. JDRF is the largest non-government funder of diabetes research in the world. We still don’t know what causes diabetes or why it strikes so suddenly. But with your support, hopefully someday we will find a cure.

To support Amie Littman when she walks for a cure on Oct. 1 click here JDRF or paste link into your browser.


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