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A new look and direction for DM News

Over the past 28 years, DM News’ staff has worked hard to bring readers the news and analysis that drives this dynamic industry. This week, the publication has a brand-new look.
While we are proud of the publication’s new face, we equally hope that our readers will recognize straight away that the changes are far from merely cosmetic. The glossier, whiter paper serves as a handsome platform for the increased coverage of creative work and campaigns we are showcasing, and the new fixed elements we have introduced provide signposts for an industry that continues to broaden and diversify.
These changes were made through listening to you. The new “vertical” features allow us to embrace the reality that all of you have been dealing with for many years: direct marketing efforts do not restrict themselves to siloes. We know that there are many moving parts to a campaign, whether b-to-b, b-to-c, or nonprofit-to-donor, and by concentrating some of our feature coverage on vertical markets, we are better able to reflect what are readers are doing every day to help reach the customer. This in turn allows us to drill deeper into the disciplines we have always covered, from direct mail to DRTV to search to mobile.
We have always been fortunate that the leaders in the industry are willing to share their thought leadership through our pages. To that end, we have found ways to focus that expertise into specific areas – whether it’s offering practical advice through our Technique feature, or thrashing out the thorny issues through Gloves Off, or commenting on the big issues in the Op-Eds, facing this editorial.
We are also writing about more campaigns, as trends, strategies and tactics are often best described through the prism of a real-world example.
This is your publication. We hope you will be a part of it.

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