A look inside Wunderman New York

Nick Moore took creative charge of Wunderman New York in September 2006 and quickly transformed the agency into a conceptually driven, multichannel creative agency. A former Cannes Lions judge, Moore is originally from England.

What’s your favorite thing in your office that you turn to when you need inspiration?

America. I have Uncle Sam on my wall, The Empire State Building out of my window, and a never-ending stream of smart, surprising people walking through my door.

How does your space reflect your ideal work environment?

It’s relaxed.  It’s a good place to talk.  There’s room to spread ideas out and discuss them. Constructive debate over our ideas is important. If you plan to share your work with a million consumers, you should share it with a dozen colleagues first.

What would someone who knows you well but has never been to your office find most surprising upon seeing your workspace for the first time?

I know where everything is.

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