A look inside The Marketing Arm

DMNews chats with Amy Erschen, chief creative officer at The Marketing Arm about her office space and inspirations.

Q: What’s your favorite thing in your office to turn to when you need inspiration?

A: There are several sources for inspiration. For one, it’s the people I work with. Every single one of them is unique. Their backgrounds provide the spark, the direction or sometimes even the distraction that helps to jump start the right side of my brain. Second is the fireplace. That there’s a fireplace here in the first place is pretty unique, so it’s innovative at its core. It’s calming, yet energetic and creates the perfect setting to clear my head and dive into a challenge. And, finally, there’s the “living library.” It’s a wall of books, reflections and ideas that are always changing. Anyone can add to the collection, which is what makes it so diverse and dynamic. You can walk away with the answer to a question you didn’t even know you had.  It serves as a 10-foot stretch of daily inspiration.

Q: How does your space reflect your ideal work environment?

A: It reminds me of home. The idea is for it to be comfortable so I can be creative, take risks, think big and be encouraged every step of the way.

Q: What would someone who knows you well but has never been to your office find most surprising upon seeing your workspace for the first time?

A: My children’s artwork on the walls of my office. I guess it’s no surprise where I really get all my inspiration.

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