A CIO-CMO Disconnect

Emilio Carbone knows that the rapid-fire pace of today’s marketing can contain dangers: Become complacent even for a moment, and the competition could nick your customers faster than a pickpocket snatching a wallet. So when Carbone sets a goal, he wants to move on it now. This applies to everything from launching a new campaign to implementing new marketing technology.

For this reason cloud-based tools are Carbone’s go-to solution when he has a strategy or problem that requires a bit of technical wizardry to support it.

As CMO, Carbone’s approach has helped Rocket Toys launch far ahead of the competition. But all is not fun and games to CIO Robin Frye. Carbone’s more tactical, less strategic approach to technology has created data and operational silos both within the marketing organization and between marketing and such customer-facing groups as customer service and sales. While Carbone is focused on getting the job done, he’s overlooking long-term issues like integration and scalability.

Frye understands Carbone’s motivation for moving at breakneck speed, but she also knows that if she and Carbone were to collaborate more, he would continue to get what he needs quickly while the company’s long-term strategies would improve.

Frye just learned that Carbone is researching marketing automation tools. She thinks it’s a perfect opportunity to demonstrate to Carbone the benefits that collaboration would have on the marketing department and the organization as a whole.

Carbone, however, rebuffs Frye’s initial offer to assist in the software selection process. Frye thinks she took the wrong approach, but is struggling to find the right one—to her, partnering seems like an obvious benefit.

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