85 Broads launches magazine for women’s network

85 Broads, an online network of professional women, launched a quarterly magazine of the same name, available to subscribers as of today.

The magazine, available only by subscription, will focus on teamwork and leadership, with many articles highlighting the success stories of 85 Broads’ network members. The network, which started out exclusively for current and former Goldman Sachs women professionals in 1997, has since grown to include 18,000 women in key business roles and at top colleges and universities.

“We basically launched the print magazine just to create another way to connect with the network,” said Morgan Evans, creative and production director for the magazine. “We have the online network already, and that’s working very well. We also launched a book a couple of years ago, and that was another way to tell our stories. The magazine is another way to share stories and to share networking and give people a reason to connect.”

The first issue of 85 Broads boasts a circulation of 18,000 — every member of the online network. Subscriptions were offered to all members via a teaser e-mail that went out last week. Free copies were also distributed in person outside of the Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York last Tuesday and Wednesday. More free copies are slated to appear in conference bags and at other events and programs to drive word of mouth brand recognition.

“We definitely hope to increase the number of members in our network and encourage more women to join,” Evans said. “We also hope to increase our circulation as the magazine grows.”

85 Broads magazine is ad-supported. Key advertisers include Goldman Sachs, UBS and Lehman Brothers.

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