8 Billion Videos Are Viewed Daily on Facebook

Facebook’s mobile marketing locomotive continues to gain steam, executives said in a Q3 earnings call yesterday. Advertising revenue for the three months ended September 30 hit $4.3 billion, a 45% increase over the same period last year. Mobile sales grew 73% in the quarter and now make up 78% of all Facebook ad sales, noted COO Sheryl Sandberg.

“Our results show that we continue to make progress on our three priorities, capitalizing on the shift to mobile, growing the number of marketers using our ad products, and making our ads more relevant and effective,” Sandberg said.

One of the factors making presentation more relevant appears to be video. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that 8 billion videos are now viewed daily on the social network—a number even more eye-opening considering that 4 billion was the norm in the first quarter. At the same time, daily active users of Facebook grew only 17% to just over a billion people.

Zuckerberg noted that efforts were made in the last quarter to move advertisers into video and carousel ads, including on Instagram. The company rolled out new video tools for Pages, began testing a dedicated video section on Facebook, and introduced the Target Rating Point metric for videos. Facebook also presented users with the option of creating video profiles for their mobile accounts.

Other data points presented at yesterday’s earnings call:

  • Some 500 million people watch videos daily on Facebook.
  • Facebook and Instagram together tie up 20% of the time Americans spend on mobile devices.
  • Facebook counts more than 2.5 million active advertisers

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