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70 million consumer accounts added to Alliant Performance Databases

Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions has added five new contributors and is working to complete the integration of more than 70 million new consumer accounts into its databases over the next several weeks.

The new contributors will add more than 15 million unique individuals to Alliant’s data resources, bringing the total count to more than 132 million individuals. The new data will give Alliant a deeper view of consumers, boosting the current database average of 32 transactions per individual.

“This is important for Alliant because this explosive growth validates the whole concept of Cooperative Performance Databases,” said Rick Witsell, Alliant vice president of marketing. “We do not rent lists, so our contributors know that their data will not be subject to the list fatigue issues common to so many co-ops. The addition of 70 million direct marketing accounts to the bases allows Alliant to have richer, timelier predictive data points for every consumer in the co-op, allowing users to make even better-informed marketing decisions.”

Cooperative Performance Databases, founded by Alliant, provides a view of consumer behavior as it relates to direct marketing transactions.

Alliant’s co-ops enable applications that predict consumer behavior, including response, payment and lifetime value, across the spectrum of outbound mail, inbound orders and Internet transactions.

“Marketers ¡- multichannel merchants, continuity marketers and circulators – need to answer this basic question: “If I acquire this customer, will he or she be profitable? Alliant Cooperative Performance Databases give that marketer better information because its databases extend far beyond response.” Witzell said. “Complete tracking of consumer behavior throughout the customer lifecycle lets users access a new breed of predictive applications for acquisition, retention and reactivation marketing.”

Information on the Alliant databases extends beyond response.

The databases have the ability to predict consumer performance in behaviors like payment, billing cycles, upsell timing, cancellations and returns, which allows marketers to focus on behaviors that impact the profitability of various businesses.

All data in Alliant’s cooperatives is updated monthly from each contributor’s fulfillment and account management records.

The new contributors are among the most sophisticated direct marketing organizations. They tested Alliant’s ability to perform over periods of from 9 to 18 months and they understand the incremental predictive power the company’s data can add throughout their operations.

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