7 Infographics to Help Modernize Your Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been following DMN for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed the weekly works of our Associate Editor Elyse Dupre and Art Director James Jarnot. The two collaborate on the production of our Friday infographics. Campy, kooky, fun, and insightful, these infographic articles tend to isolate a particular facet of marketing, such as analytics, budgets,content marketing, digital, or interdepartmental collaboration.

I often write about modern and emerging trends and practices in marketing. From social media to fostering relationships with millennials, I focus much of my editorial efforts on helping marketers stay relevant in today’s increasingly disrupted world. Data from our infographics helps me tremendously, and I think it can do the same for marketers everywhere.

Here are seven of my favorite infographics dealing with today’s most robust marketing channels and methods, such as digital, mobile, or social; areas of marketing that will only grow more prominent and impactful as the digital age continues to mature.

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