6Tribes lets users self-segment

Social network 6Tribes, which launches as an iOS app in London this week, invites users to define themselves by joining “tribes” based on their interests.

In a departure from Facebook’s original model, invites users to connect not with “friends,” but with strangers who happen to share interests. “What if there were a whole bunch of people out there who totally got you? You might not know them in real life. But that tribe you all belong to – it’s right there waiting for you on 6Tribes,” is the network’s proffer.

While Facebook offers indirect routes to engaging with strangers who share your interests–for example by searching Interest Lists, the platform remains predicated on sharing information or content between friends; or virtual friends, at least. 6Tribes will generate automatic recommendations for tribes users should join based on online behavior, although users can also choose their own tribes or start their own.

Said 6Tribes CEO Anthony Rose in a press release, “6Tribes analyses things like your Facebook likes, the music on your phone and the places you’ve been to, to find the perfect tribes for you. Once you’re a member of a tribe, you can connect with people who get what you’re into, be it fashion or travelling the world – people who understand you.”

The 6Tribes may be significant for social marketing efforts, as it requires users to self-identify as interested in particular topics–and therefore, potentially, particular products. The act of joining a tribe may be more considered, and more indicative of current and ongoing interests, than “liking” a page or post.

6Tribes will be available soon on Android and plans to extend to other countries.

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