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5 Tips for Veteran’s Day Marketing

Veteran's Day Marketing

Dozens of companies will extend a “thank you” on Friday to the men and women who have served in the country’s armed forces with Veteran’s Day promotions, freebies, discounts and deals.

The corporate gestures of goodwill have grown over the years, as brands have realized the importance of promoting a cause whose appeal crosses geographic, ethnic, political and religious lines.

Unlike other national holidays, honoring Veteran’s Day with corporate promotional deals must be approached with great tact and care, as not to dehumanize or patronize the audience.

How to Utilize Veteran’s Day Marketing With Respect

In honor of Veteran’s Day, and all of the men and women who served in the US armed forces, DMN has provided some tips on how brands should approach the holiday.

Be Authentic.

Brands have a tendency, especially for Veteran’s Day, to smatter discounts, promotions and appreciative ads with overly patriotic messages and/or images that place veterans into a “hero” archetypes. While the social media post or advertisement may appear genuine, it could turn off military audiences.

Honor Veterans and Their Families.

Yes, Nov. 11 is known as Veteran’s Day. And yes, the holiday is meant to honor the men and women who served in the US armed forces. However, if a brand wants to stand out among the rest, it should promote the freebie, discount and deal to veterans and their families. Whether it’s field exercises or deployments, families of veterans have felt the effect of war, and their support should be appreciated.

Have a Compelling Reason for What You’re Promoting.

If a brand intends on offering a promotion, freebie, discount or deal to veterans, do not offer something regularly offered. The men and women of the US armed forces did not serve their country for discounts, however, do not insult them with a basic offer. The science is known as striking the right balance between driving traffic and protecting the margin.

Maximize the Media.

Any brand offering a Veteran’s Day promotion, freebie, discount or deal should promote it across all platforms. From television, to print, to social media, brands should maximize all networks to not only expose the offer to as many veterans as possible, but to show the greater audience its support for the military and country.

Make Veteran’s Day is for All Veterans.

Veteran’s Day is a national holiday to recognize the men and women who served in the US armed forces, not just those serving. Some brands will limit the discount program to active duty, National Guard and reserve, while ignoring the 23 million veterans in the US. They made a sacrifice for you, sacrifice a day’s worth of normal profit for them.

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