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5 Tips for More Efficient Marketing Operations

On any given day, marketing operations teams may be analyzing data, executing campaigns, tracking budgets and key metrics–anything that contributes to the overall efficiency of marketing efforts. If done right, marketing operations can provide more than a 10 to 25 percent improvement in marketing effectiveness, but getting to these kind of improvements can be difficult.

One reason many marketing operations teams struggle–even though they may be skilled marketers with technology know how–is that they need better project workflows to streamline their work and to get the most out of their team and processes. In fact, 38% of B2B companies cite inefficient processes or workflows as one of the most challenging obstacles to marketing success.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to better manage work by building automated workflows
  • Discover how to focus on the right work and stop wasting valuable hours on “fake work”
  • Find out how to better manage ad hoc or unexpected work
  • Learn simple steps for creating a workflow that actually…works
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