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5 Steps to Help You Deal With Cryptocurrency Market Uncertainty

5 Steps to Help You Deal With Cryptocurrency Market Uncertainty

Despite its extreme volatility, Bitcoin is gaining popularity. This rise has broadened the spectrum of investment opportunities. Retail investors might opt to buy cryptocurrencies directly or invest in crypto-related assets. Those looking for the full experience of owning cryptocurrencies may make direct purchases, but others may seek indirect exposure through linked assets. In any case, today’s market offers a variety of ways to participate in the booming cryptocurrency business. Let’s look at how we may deal with the uncertainties in the cryptocurrency market.

Effective Risk Management

Cryptocurrencies lack inherent value, allowing traders to profit from big uptrends or downtrends by employing a strong risk management strategy. Effective risk management entails limiting losses relative to rewards. Money management guarantees that individual trading losses are kept in proportion to the size of the total account.

One important cryptocurrency market trading advice is to keep losses to a minimum. The world’s greatest traders credit their success to effective risk and money management tactics. Notably, many well-known traders and investors choose asymmetrical risk/reward transactions as a risk management method. A risk ratio of 3:1 indicates you’re risking $1 to make $3. Consider the following critical factors when developing an effective risk management strategy:

  • Risk per trade: Express this as a percentage of your trading account balance, ideally between 0.1% and 3% per trade.
  • Position sizing: This refers to the size of your position. Leveraged markets allow larger positions with less capital but can result in significant losses if not managed properly.
  • Initial risk level: This is where you place the first stop-loss after entering a trade. Set the stop-loss below this area for a long-entry at a support level.
  • Trailing stop: This adjusts the stop-loss order as the trade moves in the expected direction to lock in profits during market reversals. Effective indicators for tracking risk include moving averages, the Relative Strength Index, and the Average True Range.


Scalpers take advantage of brief and rapid price movements, often using automated bots to increase trade frequency and profit from small price fluctuations through resale. Scalping requires more frequent transactions, larger volumes, and larger holdings than longer trading periods since the desired price fluctuations are minimal. As a result, accounting for trading costs has a substantial influence on a trader’s revenue.

Scalping poses hazards since discovering and exploiting reliable patterns in shorter time frames becomes increasingly difficult. As a result, scalpers must adhere to a precise exit strategy in order to avoid a single massive loss canceling out several little wins.

There are two primary techniques for scalping. The first involves making several transactions at large volumes to profit from fast, accurate price changes. The second method is slower than high-frequency scalping and focuses on somewhat greater but still minor price swings, fewer trades, smaller position sizes, and slightly longer holding periods.

Automate Purchases

Thanks to pound-cost averaging, automating cryptocurrency market purchases may be just as beneficial as doing so with regular equities. Most cryptocurrency platforms accept Bitcoin buys. This configuration allows investors to choose a predetermined quantity of cryptocurrency to purchase monthly, such as £100 worth of Bitcoin. When prices rise, they receive a little less currency; when prices fall, they receive somewhat more. This strategy alleviates the stress of timing the market. This requires purchasing at the lowest price or selling at the greatest price, which even specialists find difficult.

Watch that Volatility

Cryptocurrency market prices are among the most volatile investments. They can plummet in seconds as a result of unfounded rumors. This volatility might benefit astute investors who can execute transactions quickly and thoroughly comprehend market fundamentals and patterns. However, it may be a risky environment for inexperienced investors who lack these abilities or the complex algorithms utilized by specialists.

Volatility is mostly a battleground for high-powered Wall Street traders who compete to outmaneuver other rich investors. New investors can easily be overwhelmed by this volatility. Volatility tends to shake out traders, particularly beginners who get anxious.

Meanwhile, other traders may come in and purchase at cheaper prices. Volatility enables experienced traders to “buy low and sell high,” while inexperienced investors may end up “buying high and selling low.”

Understand the concept of short selling

As a trader, you should recognize that following the market trend might be helpful. Instead of trading against the market, match your transactions with its direction. Short selling is a trading strategy that takes advantage of the market’s swing from higher to lower prices. Although it may appear tough to novices, it is not that difficult.

When trading CFDs, you don’t own the underlying asset. Instead, you guess how its price will alter. In a down market, you may benefit by “going short,” which entails simple entry tactics, precise timing, and meticulous trade management. However, even with a competent shorting strategy, investors may experience surprise losses owing to cryptocurrency’s extraordinary volatility, making precise price prediction difficult.


It’s critical to remain informed of changes and shifts. This innovative technology is here to stay, and its increasing acceptance by businesses and consumers alike necessitates that enterprises involved in cryptocurrency recognize and manage associated risks. Furthermore, being crypto-compliant is critical for fully realizing the power of digital currencies. To do this, you should apply the best practices discussed in this article to real-world scenarios to optimize business growth.

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