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5 Reasons You Need an iPhone in Your Digital Marketing Toolbox

5 Reasons You Need an iPhone in Your Digital Marketing Toolbox

Using an iPhone for business will give you an advantage in digital marketing. If you haven’t considered integrating your device into your marketing strategy, now is the time.

Here are some of the top reasons the iPhone has become one of the most reliable digital marketing tools around.

1. You can create content with your iPhone

Put simply, smartphones are great for creating content, whether it’s an audio recording, a video, an image, or a blog post drafted with the help of AI-powered suggestions. You can create content in your backyard, in a park, in the car, or even on the train without having to lug around a heavy laptop.

The iPhone, in particular, has powerful features that make it a better choice for content creation than similar mobile devices, including iPads. First of all, iPhones are relatively small and can fit in your pocket with ease. With a protective case, you don’t have to worry about damage if you accidentally drop it while filming or typing out your emails. iPads, on the other hand, can be awkward to hold despite having video recording capabilities. Unless you’re using a tripod, you’re more likely to drop an iPad while creating content out in the world.

2. iPhones cost less than computers

Generally speaking, you’ll pay less for an iPhone compared to a quality desktop or laptop computer. You can find cheap computers online, but those never last long. Compared to a top-of-the-line desktop setup, an iPhone is comparable in quality, longevity, and what it can do for you.

If you don’t have the budget for a high-quality desktop computer or high-end laptop, you’re better off using your iPhone until you have the funds. Money spent on poor-quality computers will be wasted since you’ll have to deal with frequent repairs and breakdowns. In the end, you’ll spend far more money on repairs and replacement computers than the cost of an iPhone.

3. iPhone apps will provide you with metrics

Measuring results is crucial for making effective data-driven decisions; thankfully, you can track that data on your iPhone. Most software developers have an iOS app available that will give you the same insights you’d get by using the browser-based or desktop application.

With iOS apps, you can perform various data-related tasks, such as analyzing your website traffic and customer behavior, tracking split-testing results for your sales pages, and seeing how many people open your emails.

4. A Smartphone will keep your team connected

Teams that communicate frequently get more done and achieve their goals faster and more accurately. An iPhone will help you maintain effective communication with your team, which includes collaborating through project management applications. When you’re working on a client project that requires frequent communication, you’ll always be able to respond immediately.

Smooth collaboration is the key to delivering satisfactory results to clients, and an iPhone makes it easy to streamline workflows and manage client requests and changes. With the right collaboration tools, you can even get your team together in real-time for video conferences and live chats.

5. The iPhone has useful AI features

Although AI sometimes seems hyped up for no reason, it’s quite useful. For example, the iPhone has a feature allowing you to take a photo and remove unwanted objects. After the object is removed, generative fill replaces the empty spot with what ends up looking like a smooth and natural continuation of the photo. You can also take multiple photos of the same person or group of people and then swap out their faces to ensure each person has their best face reflected in the final image.

Another useful AI-powered feature included in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 is the assistant that helps draft content, like text messages and emails. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to say, or you need to express yourself in a certain tone, AI will help.

It’s been rumored that the new iOS 18 will include new built-in AI features, like custom emojis and a chatbot similar to ChatGPT. However, this version of Apple’s OS will only work on the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 16.

The iPhone has serious digital marketing potential

The smartphone is far more than just a mobile device – it’s a powerful digital marketing tool that facilitates communication, collaboration, and market engagement. Whether or not you use the AI-powered features in the new lineups, the iPhone will remain an essential digital marketing tool in every business owner’s toolbox.

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