5 reasons why you need to enter The Hubbies

Every year at The Hub, we like to recognize the best,and most innovative work in the field of digital marketing. It’s an industry that’s still relatively new, which is what makes it so exciting to watch. Our annual Hubbies Awards are our way of letting you know which brands and platforms are setting the standards for innovation this year. And if that sounds like your company, then why aren’t you throwing your hat in the ring?

In case you needed a bit more convincing, here are five reasons for you to enter The Hubbies:

1) You get a chance to show off your digital campaigns

This is the best place to showcase the fantastic work you’ve been doing as a digital marketer.  We’ve got categories for campaigns in almost every digital channel, from social, video, mobile and the web. Whether you’re part of an in-house team or an agency, don’t let that immensely creative social media campaign, or that engaging piece of branded content you created go unrewarded.

2) This year, we’re recognizing the best marketing platforms too!

Creatives and agencies get all the credit for the campaigns, but what about the software that helped execute them? We think it’s about time we started recognizing the vision, the genius, and the sheer number of engineering hours it takes to create the most innovative software made for marketers. Whether its content marketing, marketing automation, social media management or analytics, if your company created a spectacular piece of technology, this is where you come to collect your prize for it.

3) You get a ton of coverage on The Hub

We are after all, the place where people come to get the news about the latest in marketing campaigns and software. If you end up being a finalist for our awards, you’ll get plenty written about you on our website, letting the world know that we think you’re a quality company that puts out work that will truly galvanize the digital marketing world.

4) Even if you don’t win, people will find out about you

You get to show up to our awards, which will be attended by the cream of the country’s best digital marketing minds. Looking for a brand to buy your software? They’ll be there. Looking for the hottest new software to supercharge your campaigns? They’ll be there too. At the very least, our esteemed panel of judges will see your work when you submit it, and rest assured, you’ll get on the radar of some very influential people in the marketing world.

5) Because, dammit, you deserve some recognition

You’ve worked your ass off this year, racking your brains for creative ideas, putting in the hours figuring out what works and what doesn’t. You’ve spent hours coding, and recoding, making sure your software performs at the highest level. You’re better than all your competitors, but nobody realizes this and you want to scream. You need an award. You need someone to tell you that you’re awesome. Why wouldn’t you enter the Hubbies?


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