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5 Facets of Smart Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is one of the best ways to drive customer interest in your brand. The entry cost to inbound marketing is cheaper, almost negligible, as anyone with interesting content can spark this digital marketing.

The strategy of inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that garner visitor attention, rather than marketers manually attempting to get prospect’s attention.  This strategy, in theory, should earn the attention of the consumer, make the company easy to find and entice consumers to the company’s website with content.

Theoretically, the strategy of inbound marketing is easy. However, there are some tips to grow your business with inbound marketing.


To understand the consumer, first you must know your brand. Define your business. What are some of your goals? What does growing a business mean to your company? Once you have answered these questions, you should study the industry. This will give you a better understanding of not only what is success but its consumers.


Search engine optimization sounds complicated, but the strategy is quite simple. The core principal of SEO is all of the factors on a website that influence search engine ranking. The content, in order to be found, must optimize header, page texts, URLs and meta description. This will give your content greater visibility on search engines.


The content of inbound marketing is perhaps the most critical piece to the puzzle. While “research” and “SEO” are important, if the content does not provide the consumer with what he/she needs or the angle a consumer can find interesting, it is essentially useless.

Content should include questions, issues and challenges to inspire your consumers to respond. This kind of content will ensure consumers have valuable information, while giving them the impression their voice matters.

Content should be produced on a consistent basis. Of course this will depend on time and budget, but content should not feel like a welcome surprise to consumer, it should be reliable.


A website should guide the consumer. One of the best ways to guide a consumer, while turning them into leads is through call-to-action. Whether you ask a consumer to upload a coupon, input their email or download premium content, it should develop a system to turn traffic into leads.

Support Communities

Apart from customer support lines, brands should develop communities on social media, where consumers can voice their opinion about the content. This will give brands a real-time understanding and analysis of the content.

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