4 Statistically Proven Ways Marketers Can Drive Customer Calls

Research from Google says that 70% of mobile searchers make phone calls to businesses. And the vast majority of those people make phone calls within a few minutes of their search. You need to be ready when those calls come in.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to generate more phone calls, take advantage of the mobile search boom, and, most important, drive more phone conversions. What’s more you’ll hear the results of proprietary research and analysis about best practices and statistically proven methods to generate more calls. 

Specifically you’ll learn: 

  • Why calls are 10x better than Web-form leads
  • How the mobile search boom will impact your business
  • 5 best practices for generating more phone calls to your business- Plus, 4 statistically provenmethods to generate more calls

Sign up today to get your phones—and registers—ringing.

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