4 Facebook updates that marketers need to know this week

This week, Facebook had plenty of announcements that affect marketers that use its platform. Here’s a roundup:

Facebook is raising the limit on ad frequency:

Its ad rates might be rising, and space for ads might be decreasing, but Facebook is offering some respite by raising the ad frequency limit. This means that a brand can show the same person an ad twice in one day, instead of just once. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean Facebook is showing more ads, it just means it is showing the same ad, more times. In addition, ads from a brand page that a person is not connected to can also be shown twice a day instead of once and if the person is connected to that page, the ad can be shown up to four times a day.

Instagram will provide deep analytics for its ad campaigns

In another welcome move for advertisers, Facebook owned Instagram will now offer ad campaign analytics for advertisers on its platform. The new analytics will include metrics such as impressions, likes, and demographic breakdowns. Currently, this feature is only available to a handful of Instagram partners who are already advertising on the network.

Facebook issued a retail guide for its preferred marketing developers.

In an effort to drum up support for its retail sales capabilities, Facebook has uploaded a guidebook for the platforms and agencies that are using its platform to generate sales for their clients. This includes helpful tips on how to optimize the ads for discovery, personalization and to get more people into stores.

You can now add a call-to-action button to videos on your Facebook Page

In a brief moment of pity for its marketers, Facebook has given them the ability to generate leads from their video content for free.  Usually, in order to add a call-to-action button to your Facebook content, you need to pay for it, but if it’s a video on your Facebook Page, Facebook will let you add one for free. Of course, since it’s free, its organic reach will be pitiful.  But still. Free. 

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