'Survivor' Imitator Lures Eyeballs With Bikinis

Recently launched BikiniSurvivor.com hopes to draw male subscribers ages 18-45 by Webcasting bikini-clad women participating in athletic events.

To attract males, the site is holding a six-week competition, based at a villa in Costa Rica, that works like a risqué spinoff of the CBS show “Survivor.”

The competition features 10 women in activities such as hopscotch, basketball, Twister, beach volleyball and jump rope. The women are required to wear bikinis throughout the events.

Subscribers will periodically vote the women off the villa one at a time. The last remaining woman will win $25,000; second place garners a $10,000 award.

A full-time producer will oversee 17 hours of daily live video streaming that, in addition to the games, will include swimming pool and bar scenes. All footage will be archived.

In addition, still cameras will be placed in the women's bedrooms. However, intentional nudity or sexual acts would be cause for disqualification from the contest.

“I wouldn't call it skin marketing, although we are definitely geared toward men,” said Sallyann Martinez, director of marketing at BikiniSurvivor, New York. “We are upfront with them right away by stating that there is no nudity at the site. We don't want to disappoint our viewers.”

Because the site requires a verified credit card, Martinez said people younger than 18 are effectively screened from the site.

The competition will end in December, take a two-week hiatus and then begin with 10 new women for another six weeks in January.

Subscriptions cost $19.95 per month. Member figures were not made available. Besides subscriptions, ads will generate revenue for the site.

Martinez said promotional plans for the site are pending.

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