3 Ways to Leverage Social Media Marketing

Use these tips to ensure your B2B social campaign engages.

1. Ensure a smooth landing. Most B2B social media marketing campaigns end on a landing page. Unfortunately, many B2B marketers make the mistake of letting this be the weakest link in a campaign—filled with irrelevant content and inconsistent messaging.

But a landing page is really the online face of a company, and once audiences click through from a social media link, B2B marketers need to retain that interest and entice them deeper into the sales funnel. The landing page must deliver on whatever promises were made on the social media site, whether it’s product information or contest details. And don’t be afraid to test various versions of a landing page by switching up headlines, calls to action, and graphics.

2. Find out where your audience lives. Look to see where your customers spend the majority of their time, and where they’re most likely to make purchasing decisions. For example, a company’s target demographic may frequent Facebook for product information and information about new launches and events. But decision makers might be more likely to make purchasing decisions while perusing a pay-per-click LinkedIn ad.

Investing time and effort in a Facebook campaign when your audience congregates in LinkedIn Groups is a social media misfire. Testing different social channels, such as purchasing both a LinkedIn ad and posting a Facebook update regarding an upcoming event, can help determine what’s likely to be most effective.

3. Segment without segregating. B2B marketers are always hearing about the importance of segmenting their audience. LinkedIn’s pay-per-click program, for example, allows companies to home in on target demographics based on everything from location and age to gender and job title. But while it’s critical to build social media campaigns around target audiences, be careful not to alienate potential prospects. For example, enable users to identify themselves as either key decision makers or passive participants in a campaign by allowing them to sign up for various features, prizes, or programs.

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