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3 Ways Digitally Native Brands Are Better At E-commerce Personalization

From Dollar Shave Club to Away Luggage to Casper Mattresses, it’s clear these direct to consumer and millennial-driven brands have been disrupting nearly every consumer vertical.

Join us as we walk through:

  • How community-driven marketing and personalization can sell more online and humanize the online shopping experience.
  • How digitally native brands are taking wallet share from large established brands.
  • Why being customer-centric enables brands to bypass traditional retail and build stronger relationships directly with their customers.

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Company Description: Pixlee is a user-generated content marketing platform that helps brands leverage happy customers to grow their business. The platform curates customer-generated content in real-time, manages permission rights and easily integrates the content directly into multi-channel browsing and shopping experiences.

Pixlee works with more than 150 brands such as Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan, Levi Strauss, Sonos, and Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants to develop a more authentic marketing experience and to create stronger relationships with their most passionate customers.

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