3 Untapped VR Possibilities for Brands

If virtual reality gets any better, we’re not going to have any use for this regular reality business anymore.

It’ll be a thing of the past, like buying tickets to a live hockey game.

The brewing company Molson Canadian and sports media brand Sportsnet announced, in a joint press release, the companies will bring virtual front row seats to fans for six upcoming NHL games.

The games will be shot with three 360 VR cameras and fans will be able to watch the action via special virtual reality viewers available exclusively in select cases of Molson Canadian beer across Canada. The viewers require a smartphone to work.

In the spirit of the announcement and VR’s growing marketing capabilities, DMN wanted to share a short list of potential untapped VR possibilities for brands.

VR Football

No tickets to the big game? No problem, order a pizza.

In a similar concept to Molson Canadian and Sportsnet partnership, we propose a combined VR effort by a national pizza chain and the NFL. The experience, much like the NHL experience of the announcement, would provide fans with a virtual front row seat of NFL games. VR viewers would be provided in the pizza box.

VR Cooking

Do you learn better by seeing than reading?

Well, look no further than the food-delivering new VR experience. The food-delivering services, such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, should consider placing VR viewers in its boxes to virtually walk the consumer through the recipe process. This would enable the company to maintain constant engagement with its brand and products, as well as, deliver an experience with more reliability.

VR Love Letters

Can’t ever figure out the right words to express your love?

The VR flower company understands, hence our proposal for a flower company to create a flower delivery with VR viewers, where the sender can speak their love instead of writing it down. This experience would provide the receiver with an engaged interaction with the sender (not just video or audio) making the gift even more heartfelt and real.

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