3 Pinterest tips for getting more clicks on your Pins

To get engagement for your brand on Twitter, you obviously have to have great visuals for your Pins, since the format is driven by large, beautifully tiled pictures that should collectively create an identity. But in addition to that, there are other little things you can do to make your Pins even more attractive, and increase the likelihood of clicks and shares.

Here are three tips (from Pinterest’s business blog)

1) Vertical pins work better

Pinterest’s layout is optimized for mobile, which means it is designed for vertical scrolling. Since that’s the case, pictures with a vertical aspect ratio (thin and long) look better in the layout. Users go up to down in a Pinterest layout, so make sure you keep that in mind when designing your images and pins.

2) For Pin descriptions, the longer the better

Sure its a layout very much designed to be visual, but that doesn’t mean text doesn’t have a part to play. For the descriptions under the pin, it’s better to write something longer, more descriptive and eminently more useful for the person viewing it. Not only is it more likely to get shared, its more likely to show up in search results because of the additional words you can fit into the description.

3) Positive, upbeat messages work better than neutral ones

What distinguishes Pinterest from other social media networks is its focus on aspirational images and lifestyles. The Pins that do the best on the site are ones that serve as inspiration for somebody, representing a version of themselves they can aspire to reach. Because of that, snark, sarcasm, or being too clever doesn’t work as well as honest, upbeat and positive messages that resonate with the viewer. The Pin has to enrich the viewer’s life in some way, bring them one step closer to the ideal version of themselves. It’s a helpful way to guide everything you write beneath an image.

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