3 Benefits of a Multichannel Approach to Direct Marketing

Choice is a beautiful thing — especially when it pertains to the plethora of options direct and digital marketers now have at their fingertips. From email and search to mobile, social and video, never before have marketers had so many digital advertising options available to them.

All of this choice may be frustrating to some marketers. It can be difficult to keep track of all of these new media channels. Knowing whether you should be investing your ad dollars in Snapchat, Vine, or one of the hundreds of other digital platforms is a seemingly never-ending concern—but it doesn’t have to keep you awake at night.

There’s a simple solution to ensuring your brand is in a position to take advantage of the latest consumer marketing trends while realizing maximum performance and value: multichannel marketing.

Multichannel marketing isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for at least a decade and has been successfully employed by a number of direct and digital marketers. What is new, however, is advertisers’ understanding of the value of multichannel marketing.

Realizing the full value of a multichannel digital marketing strategy requires several variables, including finding the right marketing partner, preferably one that can provide a single platform in which to manage your campaigns across multiple media channels and media sources. This will ensure optimal campaign performance while reducing costs and consolidating data for enhanced media optimization.

Here are four things every direct and digital marketer should know in order to find success in multichannel marketing:

1. Channel price optimization and differentiation.

Every digital media channel has its price. Different types of devices for media channels can create different user value and price points. A mobile app developer that is marketing multiple games can’t promote a Flash game on mobile—but it can advertise the game to Web users. Marketers should apply the same principle to their digital marketing campaigns by utilizing different types of media devices and platforms in order to secure optimal pricing and campaign optimization.

For example, marketing to a group of consumers via email, which has a relatively low price point, can yield new customers on smartphones, tablets, and desktop. Marketers can optimize traffic on both desktop and mobile to yield a higher conversion rate so long as their landing page is optimized for mobile.

2. Consolidate your multichannel user data early and often.

This is very important, especially as real-time bidding exchanges open up opportunities for marketers to reach the right consumer with the right message at the very moment in which they are looking to take an action. It’s both difficult and expensive to consolidate data from different media channels and platforms. Consolidating your data onto one media platform will enable you to use that data across any media channel and on any device. This gives marketers greater leverage in terms of setting optimal pricing and optimization targets with their media partners.  

3. Target different demographic segments according to media channel user behavior.

Utilizing a multichannel approach to your digital marketing campaigns will give you the ability to engage, acquire, and retain different demographic groups according to the user behavior within specific media channels.

For example, iPad users may want to engage with a home services advertiser by downloading an offer for a free estimate on repairing their home air conditioning system. They may not be ready at that time to make a decision about hiring the company for a specific repair, but they have expressed interest in the company and engaged in some type of action. The opposite may be true of a consumer that sees that same home services ad on a smartphone. In that case, the user may be ready to make a purchase decision at that very moment. Savvy advertisers that have their landing pages optimized for mobile will increase the likelihood of turning that mobile consumer into a mobile customer.

New revenue streams arise all the time. Working with a multichannel marketing partner will give you the breadth of services and digital media sources you need in order to maximize the value of your customer acquisition campaigns.

Gil Klein is SVP of clients at Matomy Media Group. He can be reached at [email protected].

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